Mario Merdirossian


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From the critics


“Merdirossian has done what many others only talk or dream about”
“Los Angeles Times”, Los Angeles

“The Piano Story hits all the right notes… As well as being a highly entertaining lecturer, Merdirossian proved to be a virtuoso performer… His performance met with animated applause throughout and ended with a standing ovation. Many were sorry to see it end”.
“Nogales International”, Arizona

“Outstanding technique and interpretative skills. Some pianists treat the instrument like it’s a machine, but he really speaks trough the piano”
“The Daily Mississippian”, Oxford, Mississippi

“Golden Fingers. Merdirossian amazed his audience with his superb concert”
“Arequipa al Día”, Arequipa, Perú.

“A brilliant concert of Mario Merdirossian. With outstanding pianistic brilliance at the service of a strong and legitimate artistic temperament, he proved to be faultless in both technical resources and musical interpretation of the works which -all together- represented a splendid picture of diverse aesthetics, styles and musicality. His virile expressiveness, instinctive drive and the possession of a high level schooling, firm pulsation and noble sound, provided him with the ground to express himself with absolute mastery”
“Los Principios", Córdoba

“At his piano recital in the Teatro Municipal, Mario Merdirossian has demonstrated being a master of international magnitude”
“Ultima Hora”, La Paz

“Merdirossian deserves to be noted amongst our best musicians”
“La Prensa”, Buenos Aires

“Mario Merdirossian holds uncommon talents. Uniting with superb technique profound interpretation, he demonstrates without a doubt, a seriousness of musical concepts not commonly found even in the highest achieved pianists”.
“El Trabajo”, Mar del Plata

“Mario Merdirossian has offered in his presentation in San Juan a notably, outstanding concert. Moments of exquisite lyricism, with vigorous strokes and contained emotions balanced perfectly, show a musician with grand projections
“Diario de Cuyo”, San Juan

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